Marsha Doll Models

Promotional Models

What are promotional models?
Have you walked into your local grocery store and been offered a sample? Attended a convention where models handed out promotional materials about the latest cell phone or computer product? These are promotional models!

Marsha Doll Models has staffed promotional events across the country for major brands including Hewlett Packard, Bacardi, Coca Cola, Victoria's Secret, American Express, Seventeen Magazine, Dr. Pepper, McDonalds, Kelloggs, Cover Girl, Revlon, Johnson and Johnson, The CW, Allstate, and countless others!

Promotional models must be 18+, dependable, outgoing, articulate, attractive, and enthusiastic. Promotional modeling jobs generally pay $12-$50+/hr, and are great networking opportunities for college students and more! Click here to join our Promotional Modeling Team in your area!

Promotional models are booked in all markets, small and large, so be sure to be specific when listing the markets in which you are willing to work!