Marsha Doll Models

Commercial Print Models

In today's advertising, it's not unusual to see 70 year old woman with gray hair in ads for vitamins, banks, insurance, and more! Marketing campaigns are built around "real people" that appeal to the general population! Here at Marsha Doll Models we book as many middle aged to senior adults as we do kids and teens! There is a market for ALL ages, sizes, and ethnicities. Do you have a clean, pleasant look and a GREAT personality? Submit yourself today for our Commercial Print division! Be sure you include work markets to which you're willing to travel, as well as your local market.

You'll also have the opportunity to upload 2 photos, which we would love to have on file! Please choose at least one photo that clearly shows your face (aka "headshot"), as well as one that shows your body (aka "full length") when you upload. While professional photos are not necessary, it is important that your photos are clean and clear. Feel free to take photos with your own digital camera in front of a neutral background!