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NYC Parent/Child Actor/Model Boot Camp

NYC Parent/Child Actor/Model Boot Camp Ages 8-14
Does your child "have it?" Do they dream of working as a child actor/model? What would it be like to see your child starring in their favorite tv show or in a national campaign for their favorite brand? If you would like to be considered for summer camp 2019, send a photo and a little information about your child to Remember, camp books quickly, so send your emails ASAP! Chosen parent and child attendees will have the TRUE "New York City" experience for 3 nights and 4 days, while training to work in the acting and modeling business..

Marsha Doll has been a driving force in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, and has developed relationships with some of the TOP agents in the world. Through this amazing boot camp, you'll meet with agents and casting directors that book jobs daily in NYC- including commercial print, television, commercials, movies, and more! Previous camp attendees can be seen on hit TV shows such as "Finding Carter" and "Disneys, "Win, Lose, or Draw"", "America's Next Top Model" "The Knick" "Hunger Games" "Spring Breakers" "Miami Vice" "MTV's Hottest Guys of Summer", "Smash", "Gossip Girl", "Royal Pains", in movies like "Spiderman 3", "Devil's Knot", "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", in print ads and commercials for Starbucks, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Arm & Hammer, and more!

You'll get personal attention and experience New York City with Marsha who knows all the right people and places to give you a trip that could literally change your life. So many "want to be" models/actors visit New York City and are not able to walk in the doors because they don’t have the connections to make it happen. Not only will being with us eliminate any fears or insecurities you might have about fulfilling your dreams, you'll make lifelong friends who share those same dreams and aspirations!

NYC Child Actor Boot Camp Includes:
  • Introduction to Apartment Living in NYC
  • Training Workshop with Marsha Doll
  • Acting classes with the most prestigious casting directors in NYC
  • Introductions to some of the top talent agencies in NYC
  • A night out in a party limo in NYC
  • Authentic NYC Pizza Lunch
  • Trip to Dylan's Candy Bar (with gift certificate included)
  • NYC Waterways Tour
Please call our office at (850) 656-2600 and leave a detailed message, or send an email to if you are interested in attending this amazing camp. Be sure to put NYC BOOT CAMP and your first and last name in the email header! Include your age, contact info, and at least 2 photos!

NYC Camp Testimonials!

Christiane Wyckoff
Marsha, your gentle guidance, impeccable eye for detail, and professionalism are second to none. Your integrity and loyalty to your clients are something the industry should aspire to mirror. You make others feel confident and good about themselves and, as mothers, we know how essential that is in order to raise young people today.

Virginia's experience under your tutelage was nothing short of MAGICAL. She was a sponge trying to absorb as many "Marsha-isms" as possible. I have seen them being squeezed out in many positive ways both at the pageant and in conversations with adults. In addition, your contacts and friends in the industry were equally supportive and helpful, and seemed excited about her. She is thrilled about the possibilities which lie ahead including, finding local representation and returning to NYC next summer to work. I would be remiss, to close without mentioning your "right hand", April. She is a precious gem in your treasure chest of people who work with you. She did an outstanding job organizing every detail for the NYC Boot Camp and maintaining the FaceBook page and probably countless other things unseen.

I am deeply grateful for all you have done for Virginia and in turn, me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE EPITOME OF FAB-U-LOUS!

With love,
Christiane Wyckoff
(mother of Virginia Wyckoff)

Elaine Karbonik (mother of Grace Karbonik-NYC Parent/Child Boot Camp Summer 2013)
To Marsha, Big Dean, and Little Dean,

A heartfelt THANK YOU from Grace and me for an absolutely wonderful experience last week. Your Boot Camp so totally surpassed my expectations! Grace and I feel in love with New York. With much appreciation.

Chandler Wigley
Marsha and Dean are so caring and helpful! Definitely a learning experience and an amazing trip! I loved it so much I am going back for more!

Carol Wigley (Parent)
I am so glad we were able to attend the Marsha Doll NYC Boot Camp. The experience we gained from touring NYC has been so helpful. Marsha, Dean, and Little Dean were wonderful with the girls and gave them an experience of a life time, and some, possibly an opportunity of a life time! My daughter received a callback to return to NYC for one month! We're leaving this week!

Thank you Marsha!

Jasmyn Jamison
Being in NYC with you Marsha was excellent! as well as meeting a new group of great people :) Jasmyn was and is still very excited! You were right, it did take a couple of days for it all to sink in since we arrived home:) We miss you and we hope to see you again real soon!! Thanks for everything!!

Salma Garcia
This lady right here made a huge change in my life! I lovvvve her! Thank you Marsha for giving me amazing opportunities I learned alot! She is simply FABULOUS!!!

Shelby Corder
Sometimes people make the biggest impact on you without you even realizing. I don't know how else I could have gotten all these opportunities in starting this amazing show business without my lovely momma agent! I love you Mrs. Marsha.

Rachel Green
Marsha you are the COOLEST person I have ever met! Thank you soooooooo much for everything you taught me and everyone you took me to meet! You helped me gain so much confidence and helped me learn that this career is something I definitely want to pursue! Thank you!

Natalie Bendheim
Hi Marsha, Dean (and Dean) - Just sending along many thanks for all you did to make Natalie's trip to New York so special. Not only was it memorable ( and alot of fun ), but she came back with so much insight into the industry. We are hoping to return next year and, meanwhile, will continue to build her resume including appearing as a featured extra in the Coach of the Year movie!

We are so grateful for your acknowledgment of her passion and personality. She will be sure to stay in contact with the agencies she met with. If you have any further advice on what our next steps should be, please let us know. Your guidance is always appreciated. Once again, thanks so much and keep in touch - Jennifer and Stephen Bendheim

Alexis and Emily Vajda
One word sums up Marsha Doll Models inaugural Summer 2012 NYC Kid Model Boot Camp - FABULOUS!!! My 2 oldest daughters (Alexis - 10, Emily - 8) and I spent the most amazing days in NYC with Marsha and her husband Big Dean. Everything was impeccably planned out for the Kids to meet the top children's agents/managers/CDs in NYC. And this was no small feat to keep a group of kids and their parents all together and moving!! Rain or shine, we were all over the city by taxi, foot and subway with Marsha and Dean guiding us every step of the way. Many of the Kids, including mine, took their first NYC subway ride and learned how to buy their own tickets!! The CD workshops were outstanding, I must say that I was taken back by the improvement in my daughters delivery as a result of the workshops. The Boot Camp was a huge success for us as both girls were invited back to NYC next summer to work with FFT Models. We had so much fun getting to know all of the parents and kids during our time at Camp. And most of all we enjoyed getting to know you Marsha, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Spending time with you and Dean over Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity on my birthday was a highlight of our trip. We miss you already and hope to see you again soon!!! ~ Amy Vajda

Christian Padgett
Hi Marsha! I hope this finds you having a fabulous day in NYC. I miss it already! I wanted to "THANK YOU" for all the important information you shared with our family regarding Christian's exciting Modeling venture and for being such a wonderful hostess while we experienced NYC. We truly couldn't have asked for more.

On a personal note...I appreciated your kind and generous display of sincerity and the calm you exhibited continuously throughout a crazzzy few days with a variety of personality types. You and Dean are so down to earth and such wonderful people. I am happy to have gotten to know you personally and thanks for sharing such a personal part of your life with meant a lot. Take care, Wonder Woman! And as Christian says "You aren't a model until you have been professionally trained by Marsha Doll!" - Sherry Pontius

Caroline Talbot NYC Kids Camp 2012
Ms Marsha....thank you so much for taking us to New York, I learned so much and had the best time. I am very excited about going to New York next summer. I made new friend and learned what I need to work on for the future and I am so excited about funny face, and I loved Charlie, he was the best. Your husband Mr dean is very nice and really helped a lot. I can't wait to work with you again soon. I love you and I love what you do. You are the best! Thank you. Caroline Talbot

Misa Edwards NYC Actor Boot Camp 2011
I just graduated high school and next month I'm going to Florida to compete in this ITS convention. I miss you a lot and I hope all is well in your beautiful life! Thank you for all the experience and knowledge you har given me with out you I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I am forever grateful ~ Love always, Misa Edwards

Blake Benton and Allie Hinson
There are truly no words to express my gratitude to Marsha Doll for the experiences she provided for my son, Blake, and my granddaughter, Allie. Through her modeling training sessions,Blake and Allie developed the modeling skills and confidence they needed to sign with a New York agency, Shirley Grant Management. Our time working in New York City is some of our most treasured as a family, and we have Marsha to thank! It was solely due to the encouragement and guidance from Marsha that I decided to spend a summer in New York with Blake and Allie for the sake of them gaining acting and modeling experience. As it turned out we loved our time in New York so much that we spent three summers there! She introduced Blake and Allie to agents and arranged acting lessons for them with top acting coaches. While in New York Blake booked a number of jobs including ads for Zyrtec, Toys-R-Us, Hasbro, and a television commercial for Martha Stewart.

Although Allie has only spent a few weeks in New York, she book an extravagant runway fashion show for Mattel and an ad for Pottery Barn Kids. All of these jobs, and even the many auditions, were incredible experiences for Blake and Allie. I have the utmost respect for Marsha and her agency. She brings out the best in the young people she works with because she genuinely cares about each of them. As for the New York experience itself, I have no way of explaining how amazing it is. This is something you must experience for yourself. Thank you, Marsha, for everything ~ Blake, Allie and I love you! Jerri Benton

Taylor Brooks - Summer Camp 2011
I honestly can't thank you enough, in a couple of days I learned more than I have in years of drama class. Upon coming home my family pointed out noticeable changes I wasn't even aware of. My posture has improved, I speak more clearly, and in general the way I carry myself is different. Even my friends who didn't know about NYC Camp noticed! Since camp a few weeks ago, I've started taking my future as a model/actor more seriously. You've increased my passion ten fold. Thank you soooo much! ~ Taylor N. Brooks

Jenna Eckland (Mother of Elaina Eckland)- Summer Camp 2011
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that Elaina had in New York. You were right when you said it would change their lives! We were still in New York on Wednesday and I was amazed at how Elaina would go right up to the cashier to ask for something and would make direct eye contact and speak clearly! I noticed that her confidence level in communicating had increased significantly just over those two 1/2 days.

If it weren't for you and your camp, I may have never gone to NYC. I loved it so much and think it is an amazing city. We had a fabulous experience at Tao and also had an elegant dinner at a Russian restaurant called Firebird. Thanks again for inviting Elaina to New York and for all that you have done for her.

Elaina Eckland- Summer Camp 2011
Marsha, Thank you so, so much for this amazing opportunity! I had such an incredible time meeting all the girls and spending time with you and the "Deans". One of my favorite parts was feeling like I actually lived in NYC and was already pursuing an acting job. I also enjoyed Tuesday night's events getting to dress up and visit places I may not normally get to experience.

This trip has changed my life. I came back a more confident person and it has inspired me to pursue an acting/modeling career. If I do get the opportunity to spend several weeks in NYC, I will follow up with the people listed. Please contact me if you need anything!

Miranda Gonzales- Summer Camp 2011
Hey Marsha, I had such an amazing time in New York with you and all of the girls. I am so glad that I got to experience NYC like I did. I am so grateful that you chose me to go with you! I am working on my Spanish and getting new pictures done and I am hoping to spend some time in New York in the future so that I can go on auditions!

Jenna Montgomery (Currently living and working as an actress in NYC)
Marsha Doll's NYC Model/Actor Camp absolutely changed my life. Before attending Marsha's camp, I dreamed of pursuing an acting career, yet with no legitimate experience I never thought it possible. With that said, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the NYC camp to learn all about the business. Once arriving to NYC, Marsha taught me how work and live in the city while educating me about the entertainment industry. I met with several acting coaches, agents, and casting directors and received great positive feedback. By the end of the week I felt tears of joy as the realization set in that I wanted to act more than anything in the world. Everything just felt right and I knew that I was going to have to make the big move to New York City. Being from the small town of Niceville, Florida, this was a very scary idea, however I made the journey and I am happier now than ever.

After making the transition, I landed a small part playing one of Richard Gere's love interests in his movie The Hoax. I also was cast as "The Sorority Girl" in a film starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Beau Bridges and recently appeared as a featured extra in Robert Deniro's The Good Sheppard starring Angelina Jolie.In addition to major studio films, I obtained the lead roles in two independent films. I am most excited about recent my T.V. credits where I played the Defendant's Sister on Law and Order and the Assistant District Attorney on NBC 's new series Conviction. Other T.V. credits include: Suave Girl on The Today Show, Starbucks Coffee Girl on ABC7, Spokesperson for FOX5 News NY. I am a proud member of the Screen Actor's Guild and continue to work to pursue my acting goals. I truly thank Marsha for the NYC experience and I am now living my dream!

Jenna Rae Montgomery

Brooke Brown (Currently working with a manager and agent in Los Angeles)
Hi, my name is Brooke Brown and I went to NY Model Camp with Marsha last spring. I had so much fun!!!! Marsha planned a wonderful camp for us, we did so many exciting things. We met with many different agencies, I ended up signing with Funny Face Today and R&L Model Management, both of these agencies are commercial print. I worked there this summer going on go-sees, actually booked my first go-see with Tight Jeans and could not fly back the day they wanted me. Being there the summer gave me a chance to learn the city, put the skills to work that Marsha taught me, take dance classes, go to Broadway shows and make new friends that we continue to stay in touch with. At NY Camp with Marsha I also met Alberto and Ed from the New York Film School, who just this past December awarded me a $1500 scholarship to their school for this summer. So many doors have opened for me since this camp, it is unreal. I'm not sure where I'm headed, modeling, singing or acting, but I'm sure I'll never forget my first New York Experience with Marsha and all the doors she has opened for me!!!

Alexandria Collins
I had so much fun at NYC Camp! We stayed in a beautiful hotel on 42nd Street right in the middle of all the action in New York City! Marsha took us around to some of the finest restaurants and let us experience the city on foot. we got to shop and have lots of fun. Along with all the fun, we went to acting classes with Bob Luke (and others), and Marsha took us to the top modeling agencies! We went to Wilhemina, Next, Elite, and more. I really liked the fact that the girls and I were being escorted to all these nice places. The trip really boosted my confidence in my modeling and acting. I would love to do it again!

Heidi Sparks (Currently living and working as an actress/model in NYC)
Camp was an awesome jump start for me! I am now the showroom model everymonth for Mudd jeans which is good money and could lead to a campaign....I did one shoot last month that will be appearing in the summer line magazines. Also, for the month of December my lips were in Allure Magazine for a "lip plumping" portion. My USO tours will start up again in March with me visiting over 50 military bases this year and they have me traveling abroad.

In the acting section, I shoot for the new sitcom with Jason Priestley tomorrow called "Love Monkey". I also just got cast in the still untitled feature film with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Next week I shoot a featured extra role in the movie "Chapter 27" with George Clooney and Jared Leto. So, things are moving and I'm moving forward just like Marsha taught me! I'm also up for a role in "Super Ex-Girlfriend" with Uma Thurman.

Can't wait to see you again and to meet the girls you bring to give this amazing opportunity! - Love ya, Heidi Jane

Risa Hess
My trip to NYC with Marsha Doll, in one word, WOW!!!!! This was the first time I had been in the city, but Marsha helped all of us get accustomed to it. She made sure we were safe at all times and she helped us learn our way around a bit. Not only did she take us to meet acting coaches, modeling agencies and casting directors, she made reservations for us at some of the HIPPEST restaurants and she was a fabulous tour guide along the way. I learned so much just from the 4 day trip, and I got a rare chance to meet the best people in the business. It was an amazing opportunity to experience one of the most intriguing cities in the world. If you want to pursue anything in the industry, you MUST take this trip with Marsha Doll.

Briane Petraschuk
Marsha and Dean, I know I have said this a lot but...THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! This was the best experience of my life. Not only did I get to see all of New York and different agencies, I also got to meet 18 amazing people, including you guys. You have truly opened my eyes, and showed me that this is a tough industry. So now that I am home I plan on working out all the time to get in shape and toned, and I am planning on getting various different pictures for my portfolio as well as working on my acting, singing, and dancing. You and Dean are the BEST! Thank you so much again Marsha and Dean! ~ Briane

Sue and Kevin Lelli
When my 9th grade son was asked at the beginning of the school year to talk to the class about his favorite thing he did over the summer, he didn't talk about his trip to the Caribbean with his family, he talked about attending Marsha Doll's Camp during the summer!

This camp was everything Marsha claimed it would be and so much more. I traveled to New York and stayed in the same hotel so I could see what the camp was like for myself. Marsha had the kids scheduled from morning till evening with appointments and really showed them first hand what their life would be like as a model in New York. She is a wealth of information about the city and about the industry.

Marsha is well known and respected in the industry. She arranged appointments with top modeling agencies and acting classes they NEVER would have had access to on their own. My son was fortunate enough to have Marta at Wilhelmina Modeling Agency ask to represent him if he could come back to New York the following summer. We leave next week for New York to see if Kevin can be cast in print ads or even a commercial. It is truly SO exciting!

Marsha's support didn't stop when the camp was over. She helped us find an apartment and she called Wilhelmina as well as other agencies to make sure Kevin will be seen when we are in the city. She helped me choose the right photographs and taught me where and how to get comp cards printed so we will hit the ground running and not waste any time. We will look like we know what we are doing in NYC!

Kevin is so thrilled that Marsha will be in New York at the same time we will because she is so positive and motivating and a lot of fun to be around. She's excited about the business and you can't help but get caught up in the thrill of it with her. And to think, this all started with her summer camp ~ Sue Lelli

Leigh Anne Strickland
My New York City experience under the direction and guidance of Marsha Faulkenberry was an educational blast! Not only were we introduced to many top agents, we also learned how to navigate around the city! For many young people who have never been to New York, or who have only visited Times Square on a school trip or family vacation, learning how to "live" in the city was one of the most valuable aspects of the trip! Of course the shopping is fabulous and while following Marsha and Dean around you are guaranteed to see the most "happening" places and hot spots all over the island of Manhattan!

The opportunity to put everything you learned in Marsha's classes to work in the real world under such careful and encouraging supervision is rare and certainly a treat! As with any opportunity in life, what you gain from an experience is dependent upon how much effort and dedication you put into that opportunity. Marsha and Dean graciously put together a world of opportunities in the city, and walk you to the front door! If you have the privilege of attending one of Marsha's summer workshops, a terrific attitude and the professionalism she stresses in her classes will take you far!I will never forget my experience with Marsha and Dean in New York, and can proudly say it was an experience that changed my life! ~ Sincerely, Leigh Anne Strickland

Krysten Tapp
I just wanted to write ya'll and say thank you so much. This was the best trip ever! I love acting and I didn't know we would have this much "hands on" experience (doing monologues in front of the camera, commercial readings, etc). I love performing in front of people and I loved doing the monologues! I don't know of any other agenct that cares about people this much. I also loved being critiqued, in my acting classes a lot of times they don't critique you about the small things that matter most. I got so much out of this, and I am going to contact some of the agencies we visited and talk to them about acting, modeling, and representation, and follow any other advice from ya'll or help on getting representation in NYC or finding auditions. I discussed this with my parents and they said we are able to live in NYC in the summer and possibly full time if needed. Once again, I can't write down how thankful I am to both of you for allowing me to go on this trip with you. I'm 100% sure that I want to be an actress, I have a passion for it, and I love doing it. I am working on my posture, something I didn't even know I needed to deal with before New York! The night in the limo was definitely the best night! I loved the dinner, and I can't stop talking about dessert at Daniel. It was the BEST! ~ Krysten Tapp

Kayla Maloskey
Hi Marsha! You gave me a great opportunity when I went to New York City in the summer for one of your camps. When I went to New York, I had alot of fun and most of all I learned alot abot myself. I think you are a wonderful person and you showed me things that I thought I would never experience. In the few days I spent with you, I can tell you are a great person and that you take care of the models who are with your agency. You gave me a once in a lifetime experience and I thank you.

Amanda Mouser
Marsha, Thank you for a wonderful time!! She has not stopped talking since we picked her up at the airport. She had a wonderful time and can't stop saying enough about you and Dean. I really appreciate how well ya'll took care of her! She proved to her dad and I how much of a mature young lady she is. To have never flown before in her life, let alone go to a big city by herself, I think she did very well! I want you to let LeAnn (previous camp attendee)know how much we appreciate her. She was such an inspiration to Amanda while we were in Florida at Talent Rock. She represents Marsha Doll Models very well. I hope you were pleased after the camp that you picked Amanda to be a part of it. She is so excited about being a part of Marsha Doll. Thank you again for making a girls dream come true. You are the best!!!!!! ~ Respectfully, Thresa Mouser (mother of Amanda Mouser)

Desi Todorova
This is Desi - the Bulgarian girl :))) I just wanted to see how are you doing and also say THANK YOU for taking me to your camp. It was better than I thought it could ever be , it was amazing !!!! I loved every single minute we spent there. I am very thankful for everything you did for us. Thank you for the great times , thank you for the great people you are, thank you for the so many opportunities , thank you for showing us what we are getting into. This camp changed a lot for me. I am more sure than ever that this is what I want to do no matter what. I am ready to work for it and now I have the idea how. Thank you ones again !!!

Charli Smith
I would like to thank you and Dean for inviting my step daughter, Charli Smith. The classes were great. I can see the education in Charli in everything she does. She still keeps in touch with the others from the camp. I am very glad we had an opportunity to meet such wonder, fun, and caring people as you and Dean. I really hope we will get to spend more time with you two. Again, THANK YOU BOTH FOR ALL YOU DID !!!!! ~ Lorie and Charli Smith, Texas

Brady Moore
I participated in Marsha Doll's Model Camp. It was the most jam packed few days I have every had. We started off with an acting class and instuction on what to do and what not to do when we were introduced at the various modeling agencies. Then we spent a couple of days going from agency to agency. When we met with Dave from Shirley Grant Management, I was even asked to perform an impromptu song, so you need to be prepared on a moment's notice! When the agencies closed, we continued on to a Broadway Show and dinner at Tavern on the Green and fancy desserts at Daniel.

Marsha Doll knew people everywhere we went. When you're with Marsha, it is as though New York City is a small town. She whisked our group through modeling agency lobbies past wide-eyed people wondering why were getting ahead of them for appointments. Because of this experience and the connections Marsha made for me, I went back to NYC for three weeks in June 2007. Here is what happened: Shirley Grant Management sent me on 19 auditions in 15 business days from which I got 3 jobs...A Burlington Coat Factory National Commercial, a background role on As The World Turns, and the Simon & Schuster Book Cover. I also flew back to NYC later that summer to audition for the CW show, Life Is Wild which films in South Africa. Two of the best auditions I had were for Sam Heckler in Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones" and Paul Moore (the high school president) in "Assassination of a High School President" with Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton.

Ashley Wallis
Hi Marsha, I wanted to thank you for an amazing time in NY and you were such a fun hostess! You really gave everyone a great opportunity and it was just amazing getting to meet all of the agents and acting coaches. Everything about the trip was overwhelming in the best ways! Thank you so much for everything and I will be sending the agencies my photos in about 2 weeks ~ Ashley Wallis

Nick Nelson
I just wanted to say thanks so much for the awesome opportunities in New York! From the moment I got off the plane, I could feel a tremendous amount of energy. Everything in New York is so fast and amazing.The whole time we were there I couldn't get enough of the big buildings and the fact that I was hanging out in NEW YORK! I learned a tremendous amount of what it takes to be an actor and a model.I learned how to walk, talk and act like a model and aspiring actor.

The opportunity to do workshops (with Grace del Marco Agency, Craig Lechter with Impossible Casting, Charlie Fersko from the New York School of Film and Television, Renee Godbout – casting director for Sopranos and Law and Order – Criminal Intent and Barry Shapiro from Herman and Lipson Casting) and on-camera practice was just what I needed to show me what it was all about and make me dream even bigger. Also meeting with top modeling agencies (Elite, Wilhelmina, IKON and Alessandro from 2Morrow in Milan) was something I never thought possible. I have been talking with many of the contacts I made in NYC, and am considering a summer acting program, or possibly the 2-year program at the School of Film and Television. I have met with an agent out of Chicago and will likely be working on some professional photos to enhance my future. I'm also working with a casting director in Minneapolis for some infomercial potentials too, so I'm putting what I learned to good use! Thanks for taking such good care of us when we were there. Dinner at Bubba Gumps in Times Square and at Tao finishing with dessert at Daniels all while cruising around in the Hummer Stretch Limo was so much fun!

Sarah Derr
The first thing I would have to say about the Marsha Doll NYC trip is that Marsha and Dean are the coolest people to run around the city with! They are truly passionate about the entertainment industry and show it through their upbeat attitudes and excitement. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived, and I was not ready to leave at the end. Our group was given amazing opportunities to learn from some of the best in the business...including Marsha herself. The friends and connections I made have made it easier for me to get a step ahead. One of the highlights of my trip personally was when we went to the New York School of Film and Television. I discovered that I could act. Now, I have been offered a spot in their program!

I would recommend Marsha Doll's "Bootcamp" to anyone who is serious about the industry and wants to learn more of the nitty gritty that goes on. It really makes or breaks opinions. Thankyou, Marsha, for answering so many of my questions and helping me in every way possible!!!

Megan Johnson
This is Megan Johnson from Sandwich IL., I attended the NY Summer Camp. Now a year later I look back on my experience and I am very thankful for the opportunity. Not only did I feel supported and encouraged but I also made good friends and learned a ton!! I hope that this summer or even next that I can pursue my dream of modeling. Again I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do, you believe in the kids and give them a chance at pursuing their dream, what you do is terrific. I wish you luck in all future endeavors! Thank you again for my opportunity! ~ Megan Johnson, Sandwich IL