Marsha Doll Models


Marsha Doll always had a passion for fashion. She was born in a small town in North Florida, and as a teen, was a buyer for her family's retail clothing store, which is still in business after 86 years! She became a model at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart, which sparked her interest in modeling and the entertainment industry. Since then, Marsha Doll has spent her life training, coaching, mentoring, and marketing actors and models around the world. With a degree in communications and a minor in psychology from Florida State University, she has been a driving force in the industry and has developed relationships with some of the top agencies in the world. Her clients through the years have included Samsung, Seventeen Magazine, Kohls, Victoria's Secret, MTV, Bealls, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Coca Cola, Ralph Lauren, Campbell's Soup, Hewlett Packard, Kenneth Cole, GQ Magazine, Abercrombie and Fitch, Sports Illustrated, Starbucks, and more.

Marsha's actors have appeared on television and in films including Gossip Girl, Spiderman, Royal Pains, Music & Lyrics, Devil's Knot, Trouble with the Curve, Oceans 12, America's Next Top Model, ANTM All Stars, Smash, Damages, Rock of Ages, Blue Bloods, Boardwalk Empire, and many more!

Marsha Doll is the owner and creator of the fabulous NYC Model/Actor Boot Camp, an experience of a lifetime for a select few, which began in 2002. This amazing camp was derived from Marsha's experience in the late 70's as an assistant to her mentor Eileen.

Marsha is nationally known through her television shows on Fox and ABC. She has made guest appearances on countless television shows through the years consulting on everything from fashion to women in business. In 1997, Marsha released "Modeling Totally Exposed", a book about the dos and don'ts of the modeling industry. Marsha judges modeling and acting competitions all over the world many times throughout the year, and always looks forward to meeting new talent from all walks of life. She is constantly looking for the "next big thing" and has a passion for developing new talent.